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Virtual Reality

Critical Thinking/Team Building

Under Critical Thinking you will find perhaps the widest assortment of VR experiences. From very funny Job Simulator to the terrifying Please Dont Touch Anything. The one thing that they have in common is that they require and help develop your ability to solve challenges in a creative way. These VR experiences are almost custom made for team building & improving communication. To learn more Click Here.


Gaming refers mainly to those on a more traditional sense. Don't let that fool you, for the first time you can shoot arrows from your bow, wield a Lightsaber in your hands or even play virtual pool and so much more! PlayroomVR is currently offering a wide range of games available for you to play. To learn more Click Here.


This category is mostly composed of content that has a very pronounced audio visual feel. Included here are also "VR Movie" type experiences where you are an observer watching a story unfold and cannot interact with the virtual world around you. We are soon to add "VR Live" for major sporing events where you can take a true front seat to any of your favourite games. To learn more Click Here.

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